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How long do I have to wait for an appointment/treatment?
We almost haven't got a waiting list. Normally you can see a doctor within a few days. Urgent cases can see the doctor the same day, almost. Please let the front desk know immediately whether you consider yourself an urgency. We do register our waiting time in days on a regular basis with the authorities, please see our status page here.
Do I need a referral?
No, for a consultation with us , you are not required to present a referral. If you are insured with a regular Dutch health care insurance (zorgverzekeraar) and if you want to have your invoice reimbursed, then, yes you need a referral form a GP (huisarts). For expat insurances, we are not asking for a referral, either. It depends on your individual contract whether they require a referral.
Do I have to pay on my own?
Yes, you do have to settle the full amount of the invoice by yourself. Nevertheless you can submit it with your Insurance for reimbursement. Depending on your contract details, you will get the amount reimbursed, either fully or partially. A first overview on the reimbursement policies of of the dutch 'zorgverzekeraars' can be found here.
Do you apply Botox® in your clinic?
Yes, auf course we are administering Botox®. If there is a medical indication (e.g. excessive perspiration), costs are in most cases reimbursed by the health insurances. If it is about a more cosmetic treatment, you have to take into account that your health insurance will not reimburse the treatment. In both cases you will have to settle the invoice fully by yourself. Please enquire with your insurance before any treatment.
What and how much will you invoice, exactly?
The fee for the initial consultation will be between 160 and 220 Euros depending on the diagnose and suggested therapy. Your dutch insurance (if applicable) will reimburse the full amount or at least an average of 60 percent depending on your coverage. Depending whether it is a medical treatment or a medical-cosmetic one, we have two sorts of price lists. Both of them, you will find here.
I did submit my claim to the dutch "Zorgverzekeraar". They deny their oblgation to pay. That cannot be true, can it?
Indeed, legally they have to pay. At least a certain percentage. We have explained more details here:
Why don't you deal with the insurances, directly?
Your question is absolutely justified. Our way of invoicing doesn't follow the common practice in the Netherlands. We have explained the reasons in this article.
What do I need to bring with me?
Please bring your referral from the GP (in case you want to make use of your dutch insurance), your ID and insurance card on your first visit to the clinic. On our website,, we published an agreement over your treatment including our privacy guidelines We kindly ask you to read this document before your consultation takes place. When you register at the reception desk, we ask you to sign the document.
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