Dermatology multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural

We are a recognised independent center for medical treatments (ZBC). Our services are normally reimbursed by the Dutch national health insurers, once you submit your invoice. (You will find more on this subject here.) We offer medical-cosmetic treatment as well, which in general will only be reimbursed if they are covered by your insurance policy. We are competent through the whole range of dermatology, and we are equipped with the latest possibilities for diagnosis and treatment. Our medical staff consists of dermatologists who are complemented by skin therapists.

The patient is in our focus, and we do dedicate sufficient time to him. We almost haven't got a waiting list. Normally you can see a doctor within two working days. Urgent cases can see the doctor the same day, almost. Please let the front desk know immediately whether you consider yourself an urgency.

We are quality certified and we are allowed to offer internships in the frame of the professional education of doctors' assistants.
Attribution: all icons, except the one of our clinic (which is from Annika Heftrich) have been downloaded from , licensing author is Freepik.
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