Dermatology multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural

New invoicing for patients under the Dutch national health care system

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Netherlands-Flag-icon Germany-Flag-icon As of 2016, we will bill patients covered by the Dutch national health system directly. Read more ...

Provide us with feedback

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Netherlands-Flag-icon Germany-Flag-icon Dear Patient, we'd love to hear from you how you perceived the treatment and the service in the StatenClinic. Read more ...

Blood collection

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Blood collection now in-house. Read more ...

Allergology tests

Netherlands-Flag-icon Germany-Flag-icon The StatenClinic is mainly making use of the Skin Prick Test and the Patch Test. Read more ...

Quality Certification Dermatology

Since 2013, we are listed to be compliant with the Dutch certification „Kwaliteitszegel Dermatologie“. This quality initiative is based on self certification. Read more ...

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