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Microneedling in combination with PRP

Netherlands-Flag-icon Germany-Flag-icon Would you like to improve your skin in the summer in a safe and effective way? With a treatment that is suitable for all skin types? We present to you: our microneedling treatment!Read more ...

Fractional, non-ablative laser treatment for stretch marks and scars, among others

Netherlands-Flag-icon Germany-Flag-icon Acne can leave serious scars. When active acne is reduced, we can treat the remaining scars very well with the ResurFX® laser. Not only acne scars disappear with this laser, but also wrinkles, stretch marks, scars after a caesarean section, self-mutilation or an accident. By means of heat, this laser makes small invisible cavities in the epidermis, which are then filled with new collagen-rich cells.
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Wart treatment with IPL

Warzenbehandlung IPL
Netherlands-Flag-icon Germany-Flag-icon In addition to our standard treatment by means of curettage, cryo-therapy and TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid), we have recently started to apply our IPL laser treatment to remove warts. Read more ...

Sclerotherapy of veins

Netherlands-Flag-icon Germany-Flag-icon Since this autumn, the StatenClinic has also been offering the sclerotherapy of varicose veins. Sclerotherapy will be done by one of the dermatologists of StatenClinic. Please find in the following article all details about sclerotherapy which is offered to you by StatenClinic. Read more ...

New method to treat Melasma

Netherlands-Flag-icon Germany-Flag-icon We have been treating Melasma with intensive pulsed light (IPL) with good success for some time now. Recently, we have introduced a new treatment method, which also shows good success with deeper melasma. The treatment consists of three treatments, which we apply in our clinic and an additional treatment set, which you apply parallel at home. If the dermatologist recommends this highly effective but complex treatment with Cosmelan®, you will receive an individual price offer.

Treatment by dermatologist using Botulinum toxin (Botox®)

shutterstock_304162421 (3)
Netherlands-Flag-icon Germany-Flag-icon Botulinum toxin is a substance that relaxes the muscles and has been used for many years in medicine as an injectable agent. The special thing about this injection is that it fights muscle activity as the cause of certain wrinkles. The effect of botulinum toxin is not permanent, but can be repeated without problems. Botulinum toxin injections are considered safe and will be done by one of the dermatologists of StatenClinic.Read more ...


Netherlands-Flag-icon Germany-Flag-icon Benign tumours are a pile of cells within a capsule in which the continuously dividing cells remain. These cells do not sow, but can become large. By using electrocoagulation these benign tutors can be burnt away from the skin. Read more ...

Duplex Diagnosis of Varicose Veins

Netherlands-Flag-icon Germany-Flag-icon We have a new ultrasound Doppler device with which we can precisely diagnose vascular diseases. This medical diagnosis is usually paid for by the health insurance companies. Deeper vascular diseases can cause symptoms such as oedema and heaviness in the leg. In case of an aesthetic indication we are able to treat superficial diseases (varices) with our laser, medium deep varicose veins are treated by injections.
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Improve your skin by TCA peel

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Netherlands-Flag-icon Germany-Flag-icon The TCA chemical peel uses trichloroacetic acid to dry the top layers of skin so they peel off over a period of several days. The treatment is used to reduce discoloration, improve melasma, and reduce fine lines.Read more ...

Laser Treatment of Stretch marks

672px-Striae_gravidarum-q By [1] from North Texas, USA (Jamie 100_0283) [CC BY-SA 2.0  (], via Wikimedia Commons
Netherlands-Flag-icon Germany-Flag-icon Striae also called stretch marks are linear stripes in the skin that arise when the subcutaneous connective tissue tears. Stretch marks occur when the skin can’t keep up with the rapid growth of a specific part of the body. In the beginning stretch marks are red/purple stripes. After a few years the stripes become white scars. Adolescents, pregnant women, people with weight changes, people who use corticosteroids and bodybuilders have an increased risk of developing stretch marks. Stretch marks may occur on breasts, upper arms, chest, lower back, belly, buttocks, hips and thighs.
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Epilation using IPL

Netherlands-Flag-icon Germany-Flag-icon Laser hair removal is a permanent form of hair removal and works by using the pigment (melanin) that is present in the hair follicles. The melanin absorbs the light from the laser and converts it into heat (about 70 degrees). The result of the heat development is the permanent destruction of the hair root provided that these hairs are in the growth phase
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Laser Treatment

Netherlands-Flag-icon Germany-Flag-icon We have acquired our own laser device which allows us to offer your treatment directly in-house.Read more ...

Deep skin cleansing

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Netherlands-Flag-icon Germany-Flag-icon In the StatenClinic, the skin therapist can offer you a skin cleansing. This cleansing is mainly done for the skin condition acne and sometimes perioral dermatitis and rosacea.Read more ...

Acne, rosacea and dermatitis perioralis

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Netherlands-Flag-icon Germany-Flag-icon Additional but not necessarily covered under your insurance scheme, we offer medically cosmetic care such as skin cleaning, peelings en blue light therapie. Read more ...

Treatment of melasma

netherlands-flag-icon germany-flag-icon Melasma is a pigmentation disorder in which dark brown patches on the face appear. This skin condition occurs mainly with women.Read more ...

New treatment of Rosacea

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Netherlands-Flag-icon Germany-Flag-icon One of a dermatologist’s area of expertise is the treatment of Rosacea. Since quite a time we apply a new prescription therapy to provide relief of facial redness. This therapy uses a cream and lets facial redness disappear for a limited period of time. Read more ...

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