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Parking your car

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Paying for parking with bank card and credit card

You can pay for on-street parking with your bank card, credit card or mobile telephone at the parking meter Willem de Zwijgerlaan/Van Boetzelaerlaan. At the parking meters you first type in your number plate. You then indicate how long you would like to park. You will be able to pay safely using your bank card or credit card; you will not need to enter your PIN code. You no longer have to place a paper parking ticket behind your windscreen. You can, however, get a payment receipt once you have paid. This slip will indicate the end time of your parking session.

Pay-by-phone parking in The Hague

Paying for on-street parking using your mobile phone has its advantages. You no longer have to predict how long you will need to park or keep returning to the parking meter. Once you have parked your car, you sign in with the parking service operator either via internet or using your mobile phone. You need to sign off before driving away. You pay afterwards for the amount of time you parked. You can park in all paid parking spots in The Hague using pay-by-phone parking. Before you can use pay-by-phone parking, you will first need to register as a customer with 1 of the mobile parking service operators in The Hague.

You will find the code for the paid parking area on the sign above the parking meter. Use 2263 for parking around StatenClinic. In The Hague parking wardens check if you have paid for on-street parking based on your vehicle's number plate. Make sure that your number plate is registered with your mobile parking service operator. Otherwise you risk getting a parking fine.

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