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Netherlands-Flag-icon Germany-Flag-icon At present we are offering three types of light treatment, the first one being UV-B therapy, by which we treat psoriasisatopic dermatitis (eczema)vitiligo (loss of skin color) and some other skin diseases. With this kind of treatment we don’t need salves, oil or any other medication. We are using a full body cabin. Because overexposure to UV-B light can burn the skin, the exposure time is regulated by a timer that turns off the lamp after 15 to 240 seconds. Depending on the ailments, 3 to 5 treatments per week are necessary, over a range of up to eight weeks. It has to be noted, that the body should not be exposed to sunlight on the day of treatment and that a high quality body lotion should be used after each treatment. 

Find out more about our in-house phototherapy here.

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