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Computer Mole Scanning by Your Dermatologist

Netherlands-Flag-icon Germany-Flag-icon Moles (Latin = nevus) may change in the course of time and cause anxiety or in some cases lead to the development of a malignant mole, or melanoma. A medical checkup of your moles or the preventive removal of a changed mole reduces the risk of possible metastasis of melanoma. Your dermatologist will check your moles with a dermatoscope (magnifying lens with built-in light) and / or a special medical camera to better assess the pigmentation network and other structures such as blood vessels in a mole.

With our new system, it is possible to digitally store an image of your mole in high resolution and to analyze it. In a follow-up appointment, the dermatologist can retrieve the pictures stored in your personal electronic file. Any changes in the mole can be precisely and accurately monitored. In this way, the apparatus supports the doctor in the assessment of the mole, which then leads to the decision whether or not the mole is suspected for a dysplastic mole of even pre-stage of a melanoma.

The mole is evaluated by a number of criteria such as symmetry, dark color, (changed) size, pigmentation structures of blood vessels, which are all taken in to account. You can receive a printed scan for your own documentation. And of course, the device will not give a diagnosis. Your dermatologist will evaluate your individual situation based on the results of the dermatological examination, risk factors (e.g.being light-skinned), the number and type of moles and the presence of skin cancer in your family.

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