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Moles (nevus)

Netherlands-Flag-icon Germany-Flag-icon Moles (nevi) cause concern if they change over time or suddenly grow quickly, as they can develop into malignant skin cancer (melanoma) in some cases. Regular monitoring of moles and early removal of altered (dysplastic) nevi reduces the chance of developing and spreading melanoma. The dermatologist checks the mole with a dermatoscope and, if necessary, a camera in order to better assess the pigmentation and other details such as symmetry, color, size, structures, blood vessels and delimitation. With a special mole-scan we can store and analyze the images of moles in high resolution. As part of a check-up, the dermatologist will retrieve the stored images from the patient's file and assess any changes. If there are signs of melanoma the patient is recommended to remove it. This procedure can be performed at short notice in our clinic.

If benign birthmarks are to be removed for aesthetic reasons, this is done by a doctor in the Statenkliniek. The patient must bear the costs of this herself/himself. Here you can find the results of a removal.

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