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Medical Consultations using Phone and/or Skype

Netherlands-Flag-icon Germany-Flag-icon During the corona lock-down period, Statenkliniek will offer telephone consultations with the dermatologists working at Statenkliniek. Skype video calls can be an additional means of medical consultation with the dermatologist at the patient's request. We would like to stress that this is intended as a short-term solution to reduce the risk of infection for staff and patients, but in most cases it will not replace a personal consultation at our premises.

The procedure is the following.

  1. You, as a patient, are requesting an appointment with one of our dermatologists.
  2. If there are good reasons not to have a personal face-to-face consultation in the premises of Statenkliniek, we will give you a time slot for a telephone consultation and we will call you at your registered telephone number.
  3. Once you have the telephone appointment, you are free to transfer photos to the Statenkliniek by e-mail, which you might want to discuss. Please be aware, that technically e-mail is not considered to be a safe transportation channel. By sending photos you agree to be aware of this fact and you declare to accept the risk.
  4. We suggest to bundle photos in a ZIP archive which is encrypted by a password. You can transfer this archive and let us know the password via a separate communication channel (e.g. by telephone).
  5. As a try out, we have installed an additional computer by which we can have Skype video calls with you. We are well aware, that Skype is not considered to be a safe transportation channel, neither. Due to its popularity and the urgency, by which we have been hit, we have decided to use with due caution. Our Skype station is not connected to our regular IT -Systems. We are not storing any patient data like pictures or conversations on our Skype account. We will delete any conversation data immediately after the call. We consider Skype as an enhancement our normal voice telephony. i.e. to picture telephony.
  6. If you want to have a telephone consultation via Skype, please let us know your Skype account name and we will call you. By transferring your Skype account name, you declare to have understood the risks and that you are accepting them.
  7. Please refrain from unsolicited calls to our Skype account. We will reject them immediately.

We would like to point out that such a consultation by telephone will be invoiced in the same way as a personal consultation at the clinic, according to Dutch regulations.

Skype is a Microsoft registered trademark. Please find Microsoft's legal conditions here.

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