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Hair analysis

Netherlands-Flag-icon Germany-Flag-icon Using our expert system for the painless preparation of digital trichograms, we can compute your hair activity quickly and in a reliable manner. The system automatically computes the number of hairs, their lengths and diameters as well as the anagenic-telogenic ratio.

The system enables us to prepare a significant digital trichogram painlessly and in a very timely manner. In order to check out hair diseases we shave a 10 mm by 10 mm sized area on the head with the a razor, down to a hair length of 1 mm. Of course, the site to be shaved will be chosen bearing in mind covering it with longer hair once the examination is finished. The area prepared in such a way will then be documented by a photographic exposure. Two days later another picture of the same area will be taken. Both images will then be analysed by the image processing algorithms in just a few seconds.

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