Dermatology multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural

Our Mission

  1. Patient first. Regardless your insurance you will receive the same careful treatment. Unlike with big hospitals, where patients are sometime treated during 5 minute time-slots, we take our time. Time for the patient and his needs. Not having long waiting lists, sticking to our appointments and offering short term follow-up appointments is part of our philosophy. As a matter of principle, all medical questions are dealt with by a medical doctor (even though you might receive the communication by one of our support staff).
  2. Patient’s choice. All patients are treated by a dermatologist, who he can choose deliberately. All of our dermatologists are on the cutting edge of specific dermatological knowledge.
  3. Patient’s treatment. The patient will receive all necessary treatment according to the latest state-of-the-art. In almost all cases treatments can be received in-house. Any laboratory test will be done in specialized labs, at the expense of the clinic. Should any treatment fall outside our competence, we will transfer the patient to an external specialist or back to the general practitioner.
  4. Patient in control. Regardless whether you are falling under the rules of the dutch health care or whether you are an expat insured somewhere else or whether you want to have a treatment, which is not reimbursed by your insurance, you will be informed in detail about the costs you will incur (e.g. your mandatory so-called own risk) and any possibility for reimbursement. There will be no surprises for you.
  5. Patient being listened to. We do listen to you, and we are looking forward to receiving feedback. Please use for structured feedback and evaluation and/or social media like Facebook or Google+.
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