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The Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board (the „Board“) supervises the proper administration of the foundation of the StatenClinic and provides feedback to the administration.

The Board - also guided by the Zorgbrede Governance Code 2010 * - evaluates in particular that the administration of the StatenClinic foundation pays attention to the interests of its role in society and of all related to the foundation.

The Board evaluates and advises the administration with respect to the yearly financial statements of the foundation, the management outline , the general and financial risk management as well as with respect to the administrative and control systems of the foundation.

The members of the Board are
  • drs. Ruud van Alten, financial advisor (chairman);
  • Dr. Bjorn Herpers, MD, microbiologist at the Streeklaboratorium voor de Volksgezondheid Kennemerland (vice chairman);
  • Mr Meeuwes Muskee, HR Creator with
The Board acts independently and is free to select its members. A Dutch version of the code of order of the Board can be found behind this link.

At the set-up and extension of the foundation the Board is – in addition to financial, administrative and organizational aspects – attached to the guarantee that the quality of the medical care and the attention to each and every patient, as pursued by the management in the person of Dr. Marianne Placzek, remains assured.

For the board

drs. Ruud van Alten

The board can be contacted at

*) Meanwhile, the code from 2017 applies
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